Dear, Bestfriend

I met my friend yesterday and staying in her college till tomorrow.
It was a rush decision I made after knowing I would doing nothing for a 4 day holidays. Well, to go back home will be such a hectic because I have to study before Monday for a test.

And then here I am, in her room. She was sleeping and I borrow her computer to do my works I left out. I don’t know why but I feel like I want to write something about our friendship.

To tell the truth, she’s my best bud for 1,2,3 …emm 5 years and there are up’s and down’s along the journey. 

I am the trouble-maker while she’s an angel. That’s what I think our relationships are. She had her best advice after my Mama and my sister.

She knows what I’m capable of and my dark side

She knows my scars and what I’m trying to hide

She knows what I want and what I need

I think that’s describe the other half of me; my best friend.

I did some mistakes back then but she still forgive me.I was ashamed of myself. For some reasons, she have been the fragments of my whole life. And I was lucky to be with her, to have memories with her, my best friend.